We evaluate the best materials with the utmost care, since we select the finest essences and the most suitable wood textures. We pay attention to environmental issues anytime, since we select raw materials from fast growing trees areas resulting in Read More...

Art and cultural heritage

We perform accurate scanning of 3D pieces of art that must be digitally preserved or reproduced. We create friezes and develop 3D modelling.

Furniture and Design

We provide our clients with CAD design and realization of demi serial wooden furniture, prestige products as well as complex shaped design items.

Models and Automotive

 We realize prototypes, CAD design of moulds and models for composite materials manufacturing, plastic sheet thermoforming  

3D Scanning

3D scanning of statues, models with organic shapes, mechanical components, from which we generate mesh file or step file with Reverse Engineering technical.


Case HIstory

Le nostre sfide

Fishing House Bridge

A wooden bridge commissioned by a private Azerbaijani that saw its construction after being designed about a decade ago by Israeli architects, thanks to the entrepreneurship of Francesco Carullo. The latter brought together a team that, with a year of Read More...

Lampada da tavolo

A lamp featuring a refined and decorative style. The curve and ellipse are perfectly integrated. A direct light table lamp, this birch wood abat jour barely hides two led light sources. When you switch it on, you will notice how Read More...


Lightcore è… Lightcore means accuracy, performance, lightness. All these qualities are granted by 3d modelling, weight optimisation and CNC.. Lightcore is sustainable, as we used valuable Pualownia Tomentosa wood. Lightcore means friendship, as it reminds us of collaboration and teamwork. Read More...

Wooden Crucifix from XV Century

The abbey of San Clemente a Casauria is in the province of Pescara. The extraordinary crucifix inside dates to mid-1400. This work of art has been examined upon request of the Priest of Pesconsanesco. As a 2.0 skilled woodworker, Francesco Read More...


C’era una volta un pezzo di legno… At the beginning of our story you won’t read these words: ”Once upon a time there was a piece of wood. Just a common block of firewood, one of those thick, solid logs Read More...

Recent News

Elezioni CNA

Il Maestro falegname Francesco Carullo è stato eletto delegato regionale CNA per l’artigianato artistico e tradizionale insieme all’orafo pescarese Italo Lupo. La tecnologia al servizio della migliore tradizione artistica. Francesco Carullo, artigiano di Orsogna, è stato eletto presidente regionale di Read More...