Carullo Legno on set in Cinecittà

A layered laminate floor for the set design of the film 6 Underground 6 Underground directed by Michael Bay, distributed by Netflix and filmed in part in […]

Crucifix for the church of St. Nicholas

Design and creation of a wooden crucifix for of St. Nicholas of Bari in Orsogna CH. Inspired by a model that parish priest Fr. Giuseppe Liberatoscioli is particularly fond of,

Way of the Cross

The church of St. Nicholas in Orsogna is now enhanced by a new Stations of the Cross The combination of gold leaf and sapelli mahogany details created a combination that

Everyone in school

Pinocchio and Little Lego Man traveled to the Pescara Primary School of the Istituto Comprensivo Pescara 10 to meet with children in an event dedicated to handicrafts and materials. This

MEGA Scanning

Nothing is too big to be scanned! 3D scanning of a spherical windshield for the automotive industry. The model will be used in the CAD design phase to calculate the

CNA Elections

Master carpenter Francesco Carullo has been elected CNA regional delegate for artistic and traditional handicrafts along with Pescara goldsmith Italo Lupo. Technology in the service of the best artistic tradition.

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