Once upon a time there was a piece of wood…

… well, actually, our story doesn’t begin with “a simple piece from a woodpile, the kind you put in stoves in winter.”
Our story stems from the desire to recreate the puppet protagonist of Collodi’s fairy tale who represents one of the symbols of wood craftsmanship : Pinocchio.
The era is quite different from the one described in the novel, and Master Geppetto’s workshop has also been radically transformed: helping today’s carpenter is the new technology that has not replaced the manual dexterity of the store master ,but has taken over as an evolution of the craft.
New technology refers to the three-dimensional digital design of the product and then its manufacture through modern numerically controlled machinery.
By combining these technologies with passion, our Pinocchio was born, a design object conceived with a focus on harmony of form and attention to detail.
Children from Orsogna Primary School accompanied us on this adventure. Their curiosity and enthusiasm helped us shape the project.
Together with them we had the honor of bringing our puppet to Collodi, leaving him in excellent company with all the characters from the fairy tale in the Collodi Foundation Museum.

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