Luminaria is a project commissioned by Forbicioni Studio for Dolce&Gabbana Casa, conceived and designed by Sara Ricciardi.

Sara Ricciardi is a multifaceted creative director and designer, living and working in Milan, where she studied Product Design and then furthered her studies in Istanbul and New York. Six years ago, he opened his first studio in the Lombard capital, where he still works today and designs products for companies, one-of-a-kind pieces for galleys, and performs floor plans, interiors, and installations.

The basis for his design approach is a deep narrative; each choice resulting in a specific story. His method is characterized by peculiar storytelling and formal research: passion, love and effort are the guiding pillars of his work. Collaborate with the best Italian master craftsmen to define materials, workmanship and finishes for each product.

In 2019 he became art director of “La Grande Bellezza” – The Soqni Factory” for the Star-hotels group, a patronage project forItalian high craftsmanship, in collaboration with Fondazione Cologni, OMA Osservatorio dei Mestieri D’Arte in Florence and Gruppo Editoriale, she founded, together with llaria Bianchi, Augustina Bottoni and Astrid Luglio, a collective called “The Ladies’ Room,” a collaboration to create sensory projects for various art galleries such as Building Gallery in Milan and Amelie Maison D’Art in Paris.

“Whenever I think of sounds that remind me of my beloved Southern Italy, wooden beaded curtains come to mind. Often hung in the entrances of homes to create intimacy and that soothing sound when you walk through.

Feeling someone’s presence, just from the sound of the beads moving and seeing someone emerge from the beads arranged in geometric patterns.

I remember that every grandmother had one.

For Dolce&Gabbana, I wanted to reinterpret this object and bring it to a festive dimension, mixing the aesthetics of Luminarie (luminaries)-lighting systems that are used to decorate the towns of Sicily and southern Italy during the days of their patron saints. And so, in this combinatorial spirit I decided that these two classic elements should be combined with love to give birth to: Luminaria-a curtain, a gate, a partition, a code, a theatrical stage.

It is made entirely of wood, combining layers of colored plywood carved with a CNC machine and polished by hand. Great artistry behind this joy-filled color piece. Happy shades smiling, joyful and all decked out so that the everyday can become a more beautiful celebration.”

Sara Ricciardi


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